Aircraft Lease Transitions

Transitioning aircraft from one lessee to another as lessor or returning / accepting aircraft as lessee can be an expensive and time consuming process.  Planning and careful management are key.  We can assist in:

  • Transition planning and communication interface between lessor and lessee
  • On-site representation during the transition or at key phases
  • Physical inspections
  • Records inspections
  • Discrepancy list composition and management
  • Return condition agreement and management
  • Overview and management of engine and APU borescopes

Engine Fleet Management

Our Engine Fleet Management service can be developed to the specific needs of the client.  Taking a variety of inputs such as:

  • Life limited part status
  • Engine maintenance condition
  • Current operational health
  • Airworthiness Directive limitations
  • Fleet growth / retirements, etc

We can build an accurate picture of:

  • Predicted engine removals
  • Maintenance arisings
  • Shop visit event costs
  • Cash flow
  • Maintenance reserve shortfalls
  • Engine spare requirements
  • Parts provisioning requirements
  • Other metrics at your request

Engine Shop Visit Management

A single engine shop visit on a modern narrow body aircraft (B737/A320) can cost upwards of $2.5m.  We support our clients by active planning and careful control of all aspects of managing an engine through its shop visit first by sourcing the optimum contract (see our Contract Negotiation solution) then by understanding the technical and commercial needs of our clients we can deliver an engine through its shop that minimises costs while meeting future time on-wing requirements.  Our services include:

  • Workscope composition, development and management
  • Life Limited Part (LLP) build goal setting and management
  • Ensuring Airworthiness Directive (AD) compliance
  • Service Bulletin (SB) compliance setting and management
  • Engine Management Programme composition
  • Review of hardware at the ‘Table Inspection’ stage
  • Ensuring hardware configuration meets engine build goal
  • Liaison with the maintenance provider and between all stake-holders
  • Overview of engine assembly, testing and borescopes
  • Technical records review and correction
  • Uploading to the client’s documentation management system

We have a track record of generating significant savings for our shop visit management clients.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

When taking on the risk of purchasing an aircraft or engine, having a clear and concise understanding of the asset is critical.  We can mitigate purchase risk by:

  • Formulation and/or review of the purchase agreement
  • Inspection of records
  • Physical inspection of aircraft and/or engines
  • Advising on asset deployment strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Acquisition management
  • Reporting of risks
  • Management of engine tear-downs from acquisition to parts sales

Contract Sourcing & Negotiation

A key and often initial step in any maintenance event, asset purchase or aircraft lease is the formulation of a contract.  Our Contract Negotiation service can include:

  • Single contract sourcing and negotiation
  • Review of pre-defined contracts to identify costs and risks
  • Full and detailed Request For Proposals (RFP) process involving any number of bidding entities
  • Maintenance Cost Per Hour (MCPH) versus Time and Materials (T&M) maintenance contract comparisons and sourcing
  • Assessing vendor capabilities and audits
  • Contractual and commercial terms benchmarking

Records Inspections

An aircraft or engine value can be heavily dependent on the quality of its accompanying records.  Our Records Inspection service includes:

  • Checking completeness and accuracy of records
  • Cross-checking records against assets
  • Building records to create searchable files
  • Scanning of records
  • Auditing records retrieval and backup systems
  • Producing records delivery binders
  • Providing a facility and focal point for records download to potential buyers / lessees

Expert Witness

  • Lease Disputes
  • Repossessions
  • Contract Breaches
  • Insurance Claims
  • Assisting counsel to navigate technical issues

Materials Trading

  • Parts sourcing
  • Pre-provisioning
  • Material valuations
  • Remarketing of surplus material

Sourcing and Remarketing

  • Aircraft and / or engine part-out / disassembly analysis and management
  • Aircraft, engine and APU sourcing for purchase or lease and remarketing for sale
  • Logistics management
  • Tooling and engine stand acquisitions and sales
    Ad-hoc Consulting

Ad-hoc Consulting

  • Maintenance reserve management
  • Aircraft, engine and APU valuations
  • Engine and APU borescopes
  • Shipping and logistics management
  • Provision of latest industry data such as maintenance event costs, time on-wing (TBOs), etc

We are also highly conversant with products such as CMS, Stream and EFPAC and experienced with the multitude of records management systems employed by lessors, operators and maintenance facilities worldwide.