Daedal Aviation

Daedal Aviation is an aviation consultancy specialising in aircraft asset management solutions to the commercial aircraft leasing, financing and operating community.  We work with a number of globally renowned lessors, financiers and operators, offering a suite of services that encompass the technical, commercial and legal aspects of aircraft operation.

From aircraft technical inspections through records reviews, contract review, sourcing and negotiation, fleet management, engine shop visit management, lease transitions and pre-purchase inspections, Daedal Aviation has a service that can help you to better understand your asset, your risk and your costs.  We work with you to mitigate these risks and lower your cost of ownership.

Whether you are technical, finance, legal, sales or marketing, Daedal Aviation will tailor a service to your needs and communicate in language you understand.

Daedal Aviation is one of the providers of engine management services to DAE Capital; and assists with the monitoring programme for engines installed in our aircraft fleet placed on lease with a globally dispersed operator base.

These services include: monthly monitoring of engine utilisation across the portfolio; engine off-wing maintenance management including the oversight of lessee managed shop visits; engine reserve claim reviews; continuous analysis of maintenance cost, engine reliability and performance enabling DAE to remain abreast of engine ownership risk and to develop effective residual value management techniques.

Additionally Daedal Aviation provides support with lease term, routine aircraft inspections and lessee audits in the Asia Pacific region.

Daedal Aviation has been an effective business partner to DAE Capital and we look forward to continuing this arrangement as an integral part of our fleet wide asset management programme.

Donal Lowry

Senior Advisor, Technical, DAE Capital